Suggested Readings for the Dec. 6, 2017  Yale Faculty Roundtable Discussion on Neuroscience and Human Free Will.


Feel free to scan or read any or all of the following in order to acquaint yourself with the discussion topics before the event.

1.  Suggested discussion questions to consider before attending the event: Blameworthy Questions

2.  A Biological Basis for Free Will: The New Scientist, 6/13/2013  (3 pages)

3.  Nagel on Mind and Cosmos:  NYT, The Stone, 8/18/2013  (3 pages)


Optional Backgrounders on the modern philosophy of Free Will debate:   

Determinism al DenteNoûs, 29(1):21-45  (For a quick intro try just the first 2 sections - pages 21-27.)


Van Inwagen on Free Will  (requires the download password included in your MENU confirmation email)