Suggested Readings for the Sept. 25, 2018  Yale Faculty Roundtable Discussion on "Multiple Truths."


Feel free to scan or read any or all of the following in order to acquaint yourself with the discussion topics before the event. (You may well want to return here and read some of them after the dinner.)

1.  Suggested Discussion Questions (1 pg.) to skim and consider before attending the event: 

2.  Prof. Cannon's initial RT intro (1 pg.) re: "Belief Formation...."

3.  Margolis' NYT (2 pg.) article on Politics as Prior to Religion

4. Prof. Della Rocca on intuitions, principles, and rejecting contrary info in ”The Taming of Philosophy.”

5.  A longer (20 pg.) -but fascinating- recent article on our resistance to reality testing:  Atlantic (2017)

6. Even longer (and completely optional) journal article on “The Nature and Origins of Misperceptions…” from Nyhan et. al (2017).