Previous Cambridge Roundtables

Among the recent thirty-one Cambridge Roundtables:


November 2013

Science & Scientism, part two: The Affairs of Louis Agassiz: Race, Religion, and Charles Darwin 

Christoph Irmscher author of Louis Agassiz, Inventor of American Science

Matthew Pearl author of The Technologists and The Dante Club


April 2013

Science & Scientism, part one: The Monopolizing of Knowledge?

Ian Hutchinson MIT, Nuclear Science & Engineering

Ned Hall Harvard University, Philosophy


October 2012

American Politics & Religion: Untangling the Web We Weave

Robert Putnam Harvard University, Public Policy


February 2012

God, Stephen Hawking, and the Cosmos: Is there a Grand Design?

John Lennox Oxford, Mathematics

Alan Guth MIT, Physics


November 2011 

Saints, Sex, and Society

Sarah Ruden Wesleyan University, Classics


April 2011

What do Scientists Really Think about Religion?

Elaine Ecklund Rice University, Sociology


October 2010

Political Power and Persuasive Presence

James Davison Hunter University of Virginia, Sociology

Robert M. Randolph MIT, Chaplain to the Institute


March 2010

Can We Be Good Without God?

Rae Langton MIT, Philosophy

William Lane Craig Talbot School of Theology, Philosophy


November 2009

Answering the New Atheists

Stanley E. Fish Florida International University, Law and Humanities

J. Mark Ramseyer Harvard University, Law


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